In today's competitive automotive marketplace, families with children or those who simply need extra hauling capacity have a wealth of choices. The station wagons of yesteryear, with their bumpy shocks and rock-hard back seats, have given way to more comfortable, high-performance vehicles. 

In the luxury auto space, an even newer style of wagon that has been available on the other side of the Atlantic is making its entry into the U.S. market with several compelling options. We'll explore two of the category's leaders, the 2018 Jaguar Sportbrake and the Mercedes E-Class Wagon. 


Both Jaguar and Mercedes have storied legacies as luxury European automobiles. They have brought this historical engineering to bear with their wagon entries. Both models boast V6 engines with standard all-wheel drive for plenty of power and acceleration. With 380 horsepower, the Jaguar Sportbrake launches from zero to 60 in 5 seconds, with the Mercedes wagon close by at 329 horsepower and a 5.3-second sprint to 60. 

Luxury & Convenience

Elegance is on full display in both of these wagons, with all the trimmings you would expect from these auto makers. While leather seats are optional on the Mercedes, the Jaguar offers standard premium leather materials. Both come with standard powered multi-adjustable front seats, with the Jaguar providing standard front seat heaters. Both cars bring the outdoors in, with the Jaguar providing a standard 17-square-foot panoramic sunroof, while an enlarged sunroof option is available on the Mercedes. Jaguar further brings in elements of the bright, clean outdoors with an optional air ionization system for a healthy cabin environment. 

Safety & Security

Both Jaguar and Mercedes have wisely moved several of the features, like Bluetooth and audio functions, to the steering wheel to allow the driver to operate these controls without taking their hands from the wheel. Both models include standard roadside assistance and a voice-activated navigation aid. Mercedes and Jaguar offer parking assist and steering assist options, and Jaguar has an optional laser Heads-Up Display system that displays an array of helpful information directly on the windshield at driver's eye level. 


Both the Mercedes and Jaguar sport wagons provide an exceedingly roomy and comfortable riding experience. The wagons are pretty much neck and neck in the amount of passenger headroom they provide, with the Sportbrake narrowly edging out the E-Class Wagon with slightly more leg space in the front and back seats. Both vehicles provide a wealth of storage and passenger space, with the Sportbrake leading with nearly 70 cubic feet of maximum cargo capacity. 



The 2018 Mercedes E-Class Wagon has an MSRP of $63,050, and the Jaguar XF Sportbrake has an MSRP of $70,450. Once the options are added to these base prices, the Mercedes MSRP becomes $77,640 compared to the Jaguar's $75,750.

As you are shopping for a high-quality, luxury sports wagon, you'll find that both the Mercedes and Jaguar offer incredibly safe, high-performing, comfortable vehicles. However, the Jaguar Sportbrake presents a slight edge by including many of its high-end features as standard. With exquisitely detailed interior amenities and spacious passenger comfort underscored by a powerful, efficient engine system, the Jaguar Sportbrake will delight you each time you get behind the wheel. 

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