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Your Jaguar has more than a dozen onboard computers monitoring and optimizing things like fuel consumption, navigation, your climate control, and a wide-array of safety systems. Needless to say, your car's electrical system is critical to the functioning of these systems, and your battery is a critical component of the electrical system itself.

It can be easy to overlook just how important your battery is, so being alert for warning signs of a weakening battery can help insure your Jaguar's systems are running properly and prevent you from encountering a break-down.


Common Signs of a Weak or Dying Battery

  • "Check Battery" warning symbol is displayed on the dashboard
  • Slow or delayed cranking upon starting your vehicle
  • Dimming of interior or exterior lights during normal operation
  • Corrosion buildup around battery terminals and posts

Battery Maintenance Tips

  • Tighten and secure all cables and clamps around battery terminals
  • Remove any corrosion build up around battery terminal posts (+/-)
  • Be aware of the climate you live in. A hotter climate takes a harsher toll on battery life and performance than a colder climate
  • Always turn off headlights, interior lights, radio and any other accessories when not in use. This helps reduce overall drain on the battery
Regular battery inspections and service at Hennessy Jaguar Atlanta can help you save time, money and the possible inconvenience of being stranded on the road.  Visit us today at 3040 Piedmont Rd. NE Atlanta, GA 30305. We proudly serve the Buckhead, Brookhaven,Peachtree Hills, Sandy Springs and Smyrna communities in the Metro Atlanta area.